Youth Speak

424 Music’s Transformative Worship Concert Experience
The journey to World Youth Day 2023 begins
Are you standing in your way?
Welcome youth back
Synod with Youth
CYC – Catholic Youth Christmas
‘Judge not lest ye be judged’
Steps to my discernment
I know it will be okay
The Barnes Sisters – Badminton Superstars
What’s next God?
What eyes cannot see, the soul will feel.
Would I have said Yes?
From an Attitude of Gratitude to a Lifestyle of Gratitude
Maria Thinks: “Stepping out in boldness”
A deeper relationship with Christ through silence and meditation
Moving Day
Poem: The obstetrix of physics
Cyclist Akil Campbell: A role model to young, Catholic men
Youth in Art: Xande Alexander
Poem: Mary, Mother of God
Patriotism is more than words
WWJD? On the subject of inclusion
Guys in poetry
A Real Talk with the Sport Highlight Real Team
Lizzy D prepares for the new school term
What do you love about being Trini?
Poem: The World’s Problems
Youth in Art: Xande Alexander
What does it mean to be Committed?
Who is ready for school? What are you doing to get ready?
My Grandma Joy
Getting ready for the European football season
Am I that different?
My Caribbean School for Catholic Communications experience
Staying committed
Altar servers immerse themselves in prayer
To all Confirmation candidates…
Altar Servers are experiencing ‘tabanca’ during COVID
Poem: Forever
Our Lady, your study friend
Quarantine Blues
Church Media: A web & God-empowered ministry
Poem: Glory
Poem: Through The Storm
Poem: Alone
Poem: God > Your problems
Quarantine Blues

Spoken Word

Zanaba Acosta

Sabry Stewart

Aaleyah Caldeira

Trisha Mae Fernandez

Deanna Wahchee

Rachel Chan

Trivon Bobb