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World Youth Day Village 2023

In August 2021, the Holy Father encouraged every diocese to ensure that World Youth Day is celebrated in every country. In 2023 our archdiocese will brings the life and energy of the pilgrimage to youth at the WYD Village, July 22nd 2023 – Holy Faith Convent Couva.

Artisans, register here:

Youth Need Youth – Get Involved!

Parishes are encouraged to get their youth groups, confirmation classes and other youth involved. Youth need their parents and adults to support their formation. Don’t hesitate to share this information with youth you know, their parents and your parish leaders.

The World Day Village is hosted but the Office of Youth Ministry in collaboration with the stakeholders of the Catholic Youth Commission.

  • Prayer for Our Pilgrims
  • Group & Family Registration
  • WYD Youth Choir
  • Ambassadors
  • Catechesis for Youth Groups and confirmation classes
  • Event or Pilgrim Sponsorship

World Youth DayTT Brand Ambassadors

World Youth Day is much more than a pilgrimage and every young person in Trinidad and Tobago needs to know it! Join the team of 8 young men and women that will teach a new generation about World Youth day.

  • Sharing their experience and or their knowledge of World Youth Day
  • Using personal and public Social media platforms to share about World Youth Day
  • Visiting Confirmation Classes, Youth Groups and Schools and other places to facilitate awareness sessions for youth on WYD including TV and radio appearances
  • Willing to travel across Trinidad and Tobago to share about World Youth Day and its importance to the Catholic Community
  • Creative, missionary minded with a love for serving other young people
  • Capacity to travel across Trinidad and Tobago either on their own or with assistance from the OYM
  • Flexible in uncertain circumstances and open to understanding and respecting different cultures while maintaining their Catholic Identity
  • Must include two references
  • Experience hosting public events is an asset
  •  Scheduling of persons for events mainly on weekends.
  • Available for
    • A one-day retreat on World Youth Day: June 3
    • Open to doing research and reading on WYD
    • Visit and spend time with the WYD Pilgrims – 3rd Sunday evenings
    • Host the July 22nd World Youth Day Village.
    • Visits to parishes and schools between July – December 2023. At least once per month

Eligibility: Submit your application via the Catholic Youth Commission IG page @rcyctt.
Use the link below to register to ensure we track your application.

Register here:

World Youth Day Village Choir

On July 22nd we create one voice to sing in praise to God and express what it means to be young and catholic. To join the official choice and participate on the day. Only persons that fully participate in the preparation will be able to join the Choir at the World Youth Day Commissioning Mass and other musical activities on the day.

Saturdays from June 10th @ 1pm (to 3pm)
Locations will alternate through the vicariates

Young singers or musicians – any musical experience will be an asset

Leadership Opportunities/Roles:

  • Section Leaders
  • Vicariate Leads
  • Conductor
  • Assistant Conductor

Register here: