The most important thing to do during discernment is to pray. Ask the Lord to show you the plan he has for your life.

Spend time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament during adoration and be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Adopt a daily rosary practice and ask Mary to help you surrender to God’s will and have the courage to follow it, just as she did.

Attend Mass as often as possible, preferably daily. As you receive communion ask Jesus to show you your vocation. Go to Confession regularly and read Sacred Scripture and other spiritual books such as the lives of the saints.

Seek counsel from your parish priest, a deacon or consecrated religious or someone trained in spiritual direction. Find a retreat or visit a seminary or religious order during a discernment weekend.

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The fundamental aim of Generation S is to encourage service through religious vocation. This endeavour was a call to Catholics to serve through religious life. Developing on this foundation a framework was built around the concept of “crossroads” more specifically “a religious crossroad”. The cross reminds us of our own personal crossroad when we were called into service. The artist who created the official logo notes “I recalled my own religious ministry as an altar server. I felt as though I was guided into this specific ministry. The artwork began to fall in sync with this new train of thought. The “S” in service is used as a symbol; that depicts the long winding nature of life’s journey. While the cross depicts choices we all have to make when we reach particular crossroads. The choice to pick up our individual calling or crosses and answer to something greater.

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