The Three C’s of Catholic Digital Communication

Yes, Your Church Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

At Camsel, we focus on these three core concepts to drive our Digital Strategy so consider these core elements first before you think about Social Media.

Communication, connection and community.

As Catholic Communicators our mission is always to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For many church communicators, the challenge with online evangelic communication is not in the start but in continuity. Here’s what should guide your online content so you’re able to maintain consistency.

Your content should be focused on communication, connection and community and you should use your social media, websites and email to deliver time sensitive news and information.

Educate newcomers about your church community and gather feedback from congregants.

Engage with parishioners where they spend time online to maintain a connection outside of Church.  Celebrate the sacraments, share devotionals, preach the Gospel and model gospel values and Christian beliefs.

Your virtual Church community is a real community, treat them as such.

Keep the spirit man fed. Ask questions, listen, create and share.

Observe, analyze and pay attention to what your community values the most. Do they like and share your information? Are they commenting? What is getting the most engagement.

Give them more of what they want.  Remember, the mission is always about how best you can best serve your followers.