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Conversations with Archbishop J

To live our vocation before us

Q: Archbishop J, what is your vision for vocation ministry in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain? Archbishop Anthony Pantin used to say that “the Seminary […]

Building community: a clarion call

On November 18, over 600 Catholics gathered at the Centre of Excellence to deepen the synodal experience. Priests, members of parish councils, Ministry Animation Teams, finance […]

Synod – upgrading ‘systems’ and conversing in the Spirit

Q: Archbishop J, why a gathering of the church on Saturday, November 18? The Church is going through monumental changes. Pope Francis has set in motion […]

Synodality – Church, modelled differently

Our previous synods have focused on one dimension of the Church—youth, family, pan-Amazon region. This synod focuses on the Church, as a whole; more specifically, on […]

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