Teachings from ABJ

Teach us to pray: A little book on Christian Prayer 

This little book, “Teach us to Pray,” is my way of inviting the entire Church to this necessary practice of discipleship. Prayer is not, in the first instance, about techniques. It is about disposition and relationship. The technique will come if we have the right disposition towards God, and thus, the right relationship with God. With the right disposition – a Christian disposition rooted in the Gospels – a conversation with God is an incredible prayer, as we come to know who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord. Moreover, we get to know our Father and His awesome love that is always present in little and great things. We recognise that God’s love has been pursuing us long before we ever knew it. Prayer is about this love – from beginning to end. This disposition towards love and the relationship with a loving Father is what Christ taught his disciples. This I want to pass on to you. (Purchase here)


Meditations in the Upper Room 

This book of personal reflections are the result of a silent retreat I made at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, in July 2019. While sitting one morning in the Dahlgren Chapel on campus, a stained-glass window caught my eye and my religious imagination. Titled “The Eucharist,” it was a spectacular triptych of the beloved disciple St. John and it led me to a meditation on Mary and her role in forming beloved disciples. It is my hope these meditations in the Upper Room will open for you a new portal through which to encounter Christ. (Purchase here)




Encounters of Grace: A Pilgrim’s Musing Along The Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage–the way of St. James. These reflections are an invitation to pilgrims everywhere. Those who have walked the Camino de Santiago and those who walk the inner Camino every day. They represent ways that God’s Grace visited every day along the Camino. There are an invitation to reflect on the rich Grace we encounter every day. They are an invitation to become a pilgrim. They are an invitation to live with purpose and depth. (Purchase here)


Shepherd’s Corner: A weekly programme addressing a relevant issues happening within the Archdiocese

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