Synod Art Exhibition: 6-9 years

My Dream For Church 

by Jayden A. S. Antoine 


My name is Super J I have a plan, a plan 

To spread God’s love and Word throughout the land, the land 

To teach each boy and girl how to be kind, be kind 

And keep the Word of God inside your mind, your mind 


To treat each other well is to be caring. Be caring! 

To help all those in need is to be sharing. Be sharing! 

Don’t be rude, it’s not cool: be respectful, respectful 

Do your chores, obey laws and be helpful. Be helpful! 


Don’t stay mad at each other, be forgiving! Forgiving 

Because of Covid, we’re indoors but living, and praying 

Church is one big family, though we sometimes disagree 

No matter what we’ll always be God’s family