Synod 2021-2023

Archbishop Gordon speaks on the Synod

Meet the synod team for the Archdiocese of Port of Spain

The synod can only be successful with full participation of everyone including the persons whose voices have not been heard over the years. “This is an […]

A momentous shift for the church – Archbishop on synod launch

The listening to take place during the synod is a time of “pastoral conversion” for all the faithful, not just priests and bishops, Archbishop Jason Gordon […]

Delving into discernment

Q: Archbishop J, how do we transform a ‘deliberative assembly’ into a ‘discerning assembly’? Pt 2 A discerning assembly has its own rules. The first rule […]

Our Synodal journey begins

The Archdiocese of Port of Spain on Sunday (Oct 17) launches the synodal journey at the diocesan level. Archbishop Jason Gordon is inviting Catholics to “get […]

Opening of the Synodal path

Following is the homily delivered October 10 by Pope Francis at St Peter’s Basilica to begin Synod 2021–2023. A certain rich man came up to Jesus […]

Walking together as Church

Q: Archbishop J, how do we transform a ‘deliberative assembly’ into a ‘discerning assembly’? A ‘deliberative assembly’ and a ‘discerning assembly’ share several things in common. […]

Preparing for difficult conversations

By Fr Donald Chambers If the synod journey consists of conversations among the diversity of individuals and groups of the People of God, to discern the […]

Mission – our very nature

Q: Archbishop J, what is the role of synodality in the mission of the Church? October is mission month. We are invited again to reflect upon […]

Synod process – through dialogue and discernment

Q: Archbishop J, why synodality? Synodality speaks about a way of being Church, where its members walk together, where its leaders listen to all the faithful, […]

A change of era in catechetics today

Q: Archbishop J, what is the task of the catechist? The catechist’s task is first and foremost to hand on a living faith to this generation […]

Communion, participation, mission—the new ‘S’ word

Q: Archbishop J, why is the Church speaking synod again? Shortly after I was installed as Archbishop, a good Catholic said to me: “Archbishop, I hope […]

Synod as listening

By Fr Donald Chambers “For this synodal process to be enriching for both the regional and universal Church, a welcoming space must be established to listen […]

Synod as storytelling

By Fr Donald Chambers “One listening to the others; and all listening to the Holy Spirit.” These were words from the Vatican News website announcing that […]

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