Social Media Scheduling! – A Quick How To

In today’s world, most if not all of us don’t have the time to sit down, find content and share to the public social media accounts that we manage every single day. However, with the introduction of social media scheduling tools, you can organise your content months in advance and have it published at your desired dates and times. Here are three of our picks that you can utilise to publish your content.


Facebook scheduler

If your organisation operates solely on Facebook, then Facebook scheduler is perfect for you. It is as simple as uploading your content, whether it be a link, status or photos and instead of selecting publish, you click the arrow icon next to publish and selecting schedule, and select the time and date you want the content to be published to the page. In addition to that, you can also back date posts and have them appear on past dates on your timeline too. This comes in handy too if you want to bookmark any significant past milestones.

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Buffer acts like a social media queue and allows for posting of content across several social media platforms. The benefit to buffer is that in addition to manual scheduling, you can create publishing schedules for your content, so once you enter the content you wish to share, it is automatically placed in a time slot to be published. Another benefit to Buffer is that it can be collaborative. Buffer is very easy to navigate and is ideal for organisations who have more than one person responsible for their social media management. In the free version, Buffer offers 1 profile on each social network and up to 10 scheduled messages.

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Hootsuite’s offerings are similar to Buffer, however, the free version of Hootsuite does not offer pre-set schedule times or collaborations. On the other hand, they do offer up to 3 free profiles, as well as optimised auto scheduling which posts your content at time that Hootsuite believes will receive the most reach and engagement. A benefit of Hootsuite is that you need not be on the social media account to see content. Hootsuite has media streams that allow you to see not only your content, but also the content of other accounts that you follow/follow you as well as content that you have liked.

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Overall, all three tools are efficient in ensuring that you have constant content on your social media accounts. As to which is best? That would depend on what your needs are.