Public Associations of Christian Faith

Associations of the faithful which are erected by competent ecclesiastical authority are called public associations (Canon 301§3).” In the decree of erection, the competent authority must bestow public juridic personality on the association and grant it a mission by which it formally acts in the name of the Church (Canon 313). Only the Holy See, a conference of bishops or a diocesan bishop has the authority to erect a public association of the faithful.

Companions of the Transfigured Christ (CTC)
Tabor House
Corner French and Methuen Streets, Woodbrook
Port of Spain
Tel: 225-8210
Moderators: Kyle Dardaine and Mikkel Trestrail

Emmanuel Community
46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook
Port of Spain
Tel: 628 1586/ 628 8181/ 628 1064
Moderator: John Mackay

Eternal Light Community
62 Back Street
Tel: 645-0520
Episcopal Delegate: Deborah de Rosia

Living Water Community
109 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Tel: 623 4677
Facebook: Living Water Community BB
Co-Foundress: Rhonda Maingot

Zion RC Community
22 Seukeran St, San Fernando
Tel: 652-8485
Leader: Mary Baptiste