Marriage and Family Week 2021

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Mon 19th July

Tue 20th July

Wed 21st July

Thu 22nd July

Fri 23rd July

Sat 24th July

Sun 25th July

Mon 26th July

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More on Family Life

More than 30 couples participate in marriage building, marriage care workshop
More parish Family Life Units in the making
Exploring Carnival, relationships, and popular culture from a Catholic perspective
Learning new skills to support your marriage
Online parenting session
Psychotherapy to manage gender dysphoria
Mothers, time for the chat with your daughters
Initiatives to strengthen marriages, family life
Pool lime with a purpose
A ‘Lenten’ Scavenger Hunt for families
Strict parenting can lead to sneaky children
Parents, help your children through puberty
On matters of puberty, children need their parents
Making facts clear about the BOM
Is there anything that you need help with?
Importance of developing emotionally aware children
New programme to help married couples strengthen and renew marital life
Advice for parents on health and family life education
Forgiveness – the path to freedom
Dealing with violence in the family
Family love
Families must be witnesses
Forming Ministries of Consolation            
Taking a deeper dive into the ‘Theology of the Body’
Families, icons of the Trinity
Parenting with God’s grace
Families participate in AFLC’s Scavenger Hunt  
Remaining resilient in the midst of the pandemic
Reigniting our call to serve
A ministry of families
Our past, our future
The importance of Catholic Engaged Encounter
A discussion on love, jealousy, and envy
Parenting workshop on online schooling 
Participate in ‘Be Mine Moments’
Strengthening family life during the pandemic                
CFC’s marriage retreat – we all need some on-the-job training
Family Life Commission encourages ‘Become an Advocate/Volunteer’
Best friends who married says “Faith won the battle”
“Pass on the faith to the grands”
Archdiocese of POS prepares for ‘Marriage and Family Week’
Retrouvaille hosts virtual workshop for couples
Teams of Our Lady offers ‘The Marriage Course’
Influential fathers
The adoption experience
Children are gift: Infertility to Adoption
Understanding “the nearest hospital” – The Family
The parenting debate is over – discipline not punish
‘Children are Gift’ programme is online
Topic Tuesday: Celebrate the God-given pleasures of life
‘Joy-Filled Marriage’ programme continues in 2021
Topic Tuesday: Expressing sexuality is like a prayer
Eight virtues of Catholic sexuality
Personhood – Man and Woman in God’s Plan
Cooperation for planning and Joy for fun
Intimacy (Verbal and Emotional Communication)
R.E.S.P.E.C.T –Find out what it really means to me!
Faith –openness of our hearts to divine love
The two sides of responsibility
Your family’s ‘cake flour’ – self-donative love
Birds, bees, and cake mixes
We are Wounded Healers
The difficulties of Nuclear Man
Ministry and a good marriage
The spiritual roots of vulnerability
Love is not supposed to hurt
Married couples should strive for excellence not perfection
Breaking the taboo of miscarriage
Promoting Christian relationships in the home
Sharing our stories: Pain of suicide loss
Enriching relationships and domestic Church during COVID-19
9 points to get the best out of virtual schooling
Marriage, entanglements, and Declarations of Nullity
Your vote is your voice
Topic Thursdays: Parenting during the pandemic
Topic Thursdays: ‘Entanglement? Marriage and Commitment’.
Strengthen males for the domestic Church
Examining the link between the Eucharist and Scripture
Discussion on family life by Archdiocesan Family Life Commission
‘The Journey Today’ retreat experience
‘Domestic Violence can be unpredictable’ says psychologist
Cope with the lockdown – check in with yourself
‘Joy Filled Marriage’ to continue online
At last… JFM has come along
Raising a child with real world resilience
Calling all FLUs
Joy or duty in giving?
Strive to be a better employer/employee
Single parents: Give yourself some credit
Learning about the principles of parenting
Parents learn about the best and worst times to interact with their children
What’s in a Carnival glance?
Virtus— Protecting God’s Children
Update on Virtus’ Protecting God’s Children programme
What ‘I used to think’… about fatherhood
VIRTUS looks at culture of child protection