“I run for life”

The Catholic News Steps for Hope Run/Walk will have representation by two members of the Editorial Team, Editor Raymond Syms and Graphic Designer Aadel Chin-Albert. They […]

When Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day are the same day

This Valentine’s Day will be different, a romantic celebration marked by ashes. Here’s why married couples should welcome that. For Valentine’s Day this year, there will […]

Can your clothing be a form of evangelisation?

In the vibrant, multicultural tapestry of Trinidad and Tobago, the Catholic community plays an integral role in shaping not only the spiritual lives of its members […]

Why Laudato Si’ Week deserves your attention

By Tony Magliano Are you ready for Laudato Si’ Week? Is your parish ready? Perhaps you are wondering, ‘What is Laudato Si’ Week?…And for that matter, […]

Balancing the routine of life

By Darrion Narine I remember one Saturday morning sitting in a café, drinking a mochaccino when I overheard someone describing their routine to their friends and […]

Healthy snacking for children

By Cherice Bronte-Tinkew R.D. Snacking is a big part of a child’s life. It helps to form friendships at school and it’s the most memorable time […]

Season of Creation – Healthy Eating Challenge – Gazpacho

September 1 – October 4 is the Season of Creation! An ecumenical, or unified Christian Church celebration, in which according to, “the world’s 2.3 billion […]

Season of Creation – Healthy Eating Challenge

September 1 – October 4 is the Season of Creation! An ecumenical, or unified Christian Church celebration, in which according to, “the world’s 2.3 billion […]

Caring for your skin

By Heidi Gibbon Warm greetings to you. My name is Heidi Gibbon, and I am usually very quiet when it comes to expressing myself in a […]

About Integral Living

By Fr Robert Christo, Vicar for Communications During a Sport’s Day, seven-year-olds swarm with a ball in the muddy playfield. The mass of children pushed and […]

7 tips to make your home safer and more welcoming for seniors

By Sherette Almandoz Interior Design Consultant Here in Trinidad and Tobago, our culture is one of family. Many households are made up of multiple generations, sometimes […]

World Aids Day: HIV 37 years later and the resounding silence

World AIDS Day is an international observance on December 1. People around the world unite to show support for people living with HIV and to remember […]

Suffering from burnout? Pour love back into yourself

The Catholic News has looked at the stressors of working from home and how mitigate them. Click here for PART 1 to this story In part […]

How’s your work from home going?

How is the working from home going? Has the novelty of sitting at home in your shorts or pyjamas doing work and eating and drinking at […]

Learning to put on the mind of Christ

Contemplation is difficult for many people because they have not developed the discipline. There is even a “commercial mentality”, a busyness which has been brought into […]

School at home

A short reflection on the new academic year by Gregory Quan Kep, Acting Principal, St Benedict’s College “Behold I make all things new” taken from Revelation, […]

Transforming our broken society

By Ottrisha Carter We live in a society in which a lot of brokenness exists. Whether we accept it or not, we’re all broken in some […]

Urgent need to create community during this COVID-19 pandemic

The Catholic News continues to examine parenting areas during the pandemic.  In this piece, psychologist Anna Maria Mora offers a perspective for parents and their children. […]

Trini in a pandemic

Steupsin’ and Segregation: We vex.  But a contained and shock-absorbing kind of vex.  Speculation, but nobody really to target for the blame, nobody to whine or […]

How to stop overeating and avoid weight gain in self-quarantine

If you don’t manage your eating, many persons may find themselves emerging on the heavier side of the scale after this quarantine is over. Registered Dietician […]

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? Draw, paint, write, squeeze some Play-Doh

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: Twitter: @gordon_lp COVID-19 ‘s sudden intrusion brought anxiety and disruption to routines. Families are thrust together for extended periods and the […]

Welcoming little children

With schools being closed and most adults working from home these days, those of us who are parents are now with our children 24 hours a […]

Pregnancy & Womanhood

On February 26, 2020, Nicki Minaj told the young women at St Jude’s Home that she hid her teenage pregnancy. In a 2014 interview with the […]

What is the state of your finances in the time of the COVID-19?

Fear of the effects of the virus caused a rush to purchase food, and items to sanitise and clean for those who could. Unplanned spending whether […]

The balancing act of marriage and parenting

By Marsha Gomes-Mckie A couple of months ago, the priest, at the beginning of his sermon asked all couples to sit next to each other. There […]