Lay Ecclesial Movements

Such associations exist by private agreement, freely made among members of the Christian faithful, with the intent to attain the aims mentioned in canon 298§1 (Canon 299§1). By far,private associations of the faithful are the most flexible and less restrictive means for the Christian faithful to pursue a common purpose as a group. While ecclesiastical authority maintains a certain degree of vigilance over private associations as noted above, the guidance and direction of the association comes from the members in accord with its statutes.

Cluny Eucharistic Centre
Mt Moriah Road, San Fernando
Tel: 653 2314
Facebook: Cluny Eucharistic Center
Moderator: Thora Mootoo

Sanctuary of the Holy Family
44 Diego Martin Road
Diego Martin
Tel: 632 4134
Facebook: The Sanctuary of the Holy Family/Missionaries of the Divine Mercy
Instagram: thesanctuary_modivinemercy
Co-Foundress/Directress: Mona Rahael

Servants of Jesus the Lord
Bernadette Drive, Point Fortin
Tel: 648 2338

SIGNIS Caribbean
Facebook: SIGNIS Caribbean