Know Your Faith

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Understanding the Social Doctrine of the Church

What is my purpose in God’s plan?

Imago Dei

Who am I in God’s creation

What is my purpose in God’s plan?

Faith and Social Justice

Biblical Foundations of Social Justice

Social Justice in early Church Teaching

Faith, liturgy and life in 2021

Intercessory Prayers

Understanding Intercession

Scripture and Intercession

Christian Obligation

A Moral Obligation Session 1

A Moral Obligation Session 2

The Bible and Inculturation 

Inculturation in the Gospels

Contemporary Issues in Inculturation


Do Catholics worship statues

Why go to Mary and not to Jesus

Why confess to priests

Is the Eucharist really real

Come Holy Spirit

The Biblical Foundation of the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit and Evangelization

The Holy Spirit and Creation

The Holy Spirit and Diversity

Holy Spirit, Gather Us, Renew Us, Restore Us as Family

What you see and hear is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel Genre

Mark – The Gospel Writer

The Gospel in today’s world

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