Mr Puddles: A Friendly Feline Escorting Many Home from Church

We do not know why but he began following our neighbour Lee, as she walked toward the Church of the Nativity, Crystal Stream, Diego Martin. What […]

Part Two: Finding the ‘Holy’ in the Holy Land in Holy Week

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Part One: Finding the ‛Holy’ in the Holy Land in Holy Week

Fr Robert Christo is the Vicar of Communications and while on sabbatical, he joined a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Holy Week. He writes about experiencing Holy […]

My Holy Land experience

By Fr Donald Chambers, General Secretary, Antilles Episcopal Conference I went to the Holy Land to pray, But I couldn’t pray. Distractions, disturbances, and devastations imprisoned […]

Faith formation – a life-long journey

By Andrew Fernandes, Archdiocesan Catechetical Office At various stages of your Catholic journey, you would have participated in multiple faith formation engagements. Some Catholics have committed […]

Violence in Nigeria: A Pentecost reflection

Three postulants: Bro Yannick-Celestin Kabi OSB, Bro Samuel Muhindo and Bro Victor Okam will be received into the Novitiate at the Abbey Church, Mt St Benedict […]

Easter in the white poui tree

Story and photos by Lara Pickford-Gordon On the afternoon of March 19 while going into MovieTowne, my attention was captured by a tree. It took a […]

Poem: O, Happy Death!

By Felix Edinborough They came and saw A symbol of total defeat A broken man Begging for mercy “I thirst”   Head hung low in full […]

Lent 2022: A more hopeful me

Natasha Babwah-Tim Kee shares her thoughts and reflections for the Lenten season. I’m excited about my 2022 Lenten journey. Usually I, like most people (I guess), […]

The moon was out

By Matthew Woolford In the classic kung-fu film, ‘Enter the Dragon’, Bruce Lee told the young student, “Don’t think. FEEEEEEEEL! It’s like a finger pointing away […]

Too much or too little devotion to Our Lady?

By Shannon Woodroffe We all know Mother Mary to be, in the least, part of our Catholic devotion. She is a refuge for those in need, […]

A reflective Christmas

By Felix Edinborough I can’t believe it! I really have to spend another Christmas without the usual family and friends? I did it last year, 2020, […]

The Catechetical Agenda Our mission – My journey

By Andrew Fernandes Vicariate Coordinator Archdiocesan Catechetical Office The Catholic Church is on a mission—to teach the Good News throughout the world and bring all people […]

Contemplating the rosary

By Jacqui-Theresa Leiba Many years ago, after having been drawn into wordless contemplative prayer, I found that the traditional way of praying the rosary no longer […]

Best friends who married says “Faith won the battle”

By Christopher & Jeanine Culpepper When two best friends become life partners, faith will always win the battle ahead! Our story officially began New Year’s Eve, […]

In the spirit of incognito

By Fr Donald Chambers God’s creation overflows with moments incognito. ‘Incognito’ means to hide one’s true identity. The word originates from the Latin ‘in’ meaning ‘not’ […]

My garden… and sin

By Fr Martin Sirju Coping with the seesaw lockdown experiences has sent me into my garden on many occasions. My garden has taught me a lot […]

In my eyes…

By Alvin Peters As a child, when my father walked beside me, I sometimes wondered what other people saw. Some people gave furtive glances, their eyes […]

St Joseph, model of fatherhood today

From the National Catholic Men’s Ministry Many of us see St Joseph as the perfect father. If God Himself had to choose an earthly father, he […]

Listening and Obedience

By Fr Donald Chambers “The saints teach us to live boldly by listening to that gentle voice within” (Matthew Kelly) The root meaning of the word […]

Silent listening is God centred

By Fr Donald Chambers In last Sunday’s article, I reflected on silent listening as a spiritual disposition that allows us to listen to the inner voice […]

Silent listening

By Fr Donald Chambers We live in an anti-silent culture. From birth, we are socialised to resist silence, and this resistance is now fertilised by the […]

Drawing closer to communicate God’s hidden plan

By Fr Donald Chambers In last Sunday’s article, I alluded to the cramped physical condition of many Caribbean homes and communities in which we huddled together […]

A Coronavirus Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ you travelled through towns and villages curing every disease and illness, at your command the sick were made well, come to our aid […]

Joseph and decision-making

By Fr Donald Chambers Many Caribbean families, including my own, grew up huddled together in small houses. Huddled together in cramped spaces, we grappled with each […]

Rachel’s Prayer

By Alvin Peters The father tried again to call his older son, Seth, but there was no answer. He had left home the night before. He […]

Series: The symbolism of the Paschal candle

By Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission. Alleluia! Christ is risen! And here we are at Easter where we celebrate in a […]

Series: Holy Week begins with palms

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission continues a series of articles for the Lenten season. This is the beginning of Holy Week, […]

Series: The Paschal Mystery brings eternal life

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission continues a series of articles for the Lenten season. We continue our look at the prayers […]

Series: Into the light…

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission continues a series of articles for the Lenten season. We continue our look at the prayers […]

2 Step Guide To Maximize Silence For Lent

By Jodel Lutchman For many of us in T&T, Ash Wednesday crept up on us unannounced, and we didn’t even realise it, all because there was […]

Beauty in the ‘Crown of Thorns’

By Delia Chatoor Many symbols are associated with the season of Lent and they include the cross, palms, nails, dry land, loaf of bread, a chalice, […]

Series: Fr Mike on ‘cleansing ourselves’

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission continues a series of articles for the Lenten season. As the Church tells us, Lent is […]

Going deep for Lent with youths and young adults

By Sr Renee K Hall OP The season of Lent creates a space in the frenzy of our lives to enter more deeply into prayer, fasting […]

Suffering teaches us to love

By Ottrisha Carter Ottrisha is an author, doctoral student and parishioner of St Martin de Porres RC Church, Coryal. We’re living in very uncertain times, when […]

Series: Looking ahead to God’s glory

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission continues a series of articles for the Lenten season. The liturgy, as I mentioned in last […]

Series: It’s Lent – on our journey to conversion

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission begins a series of articles for the Lenten season. The General Norms of the Liturgical Year […]

Legacy and letter writing

After having the opportunity to share a reflection on Sr Mary Margaret during her virtual memorial service (via Susan Engel), I decided to re-read correspondence I […]

The Cross and the Eucharist

By Jacqui-Theresa Leiba The cross is the symbol of pain, suffering and death. It is also the symbol of resurrection and new life. It symbolises the […]

Liming with Jesus

By Michael Merritt, parish of St Charles Borromeo, Tunapuna In 2020, we celebrated Easter in a way we could never have thought. Now, in a new […]

‘Rediscover the Saints’ reminds us sainthood is possible

Author/Counsellor, Miranda Dookran reviews Rediscover the Saints by Matthew Kelly In this book, Rediscover the Saints, the author Matthew Kelly challenges both you and me to […]

Re-entering our caves

By Fr Donald Chambers “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” (Joseph Campbell, US professor of literature) Caves are naturally dark, scary, […]

‘Rediscover the Saints’ and teach by example

Rio Claro parishioner Alicia Phillips-Sealy submitted this review of Rediscover the Saints by author Matthew Kelly, which was distributed to parishes during the Christmas season. ************************************************************* […]

Pay attention to the words – and the Word

Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chair of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission continues a series of articles looking at some areas of our Eucharistic celebration. We communicate in […]

The reason for the season—Advent

Advent gives us a perspective to look at life. We can get caught up in the cares of life, the busyness, that prevents us seeing beyond […]

COVID-19 and God’s merciful love

-Fr Kizito Ameloko VC During this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have been affected in various ways. And from the many thoughts […]

Our valley experiences

By Fr Donald Chambers “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” (Psalm 23: 4) As I listen to countless COVID-19 pandemic lockdown […]

Giving God a chance

By Jameke Brown, aspirant After experiencing the power of God through the Holy Spirit in 2010, I always felt a call to serve Him in a […]

Called to be a dad, deacon, priest

Fr Paul Bousignac was ordained to the priesthood on Republic Day, September 24 by Archbishop Jason Gordon at the St Joseph RC Church, St Joseph. He […]

Cremate me…please?

Ah, the casual conversations in married life. Me: When I die, I want to be cremated. Wife: What? Why? Me: I really don’t want to be […]

Turning points in time

The Jubilee Year 2000 was a turning point in time. Amidst glitter and fireworks a new century began. All over the world people were happy, smiling; […]

Holy Mass: Until we meet again…

-By Christine Mahon Second semi-lockdown, churches to be included, faithful making sure to attend the ‘last’ for how long? Nobody really knew. I was not disappointed. […]

Of angels, apples and Mother Earth

The Editor: It came to my attention recently that two pages of instructions/information concerning a visit to one’s home by five archangels has been circulating It […]

Precious Blood, rescue us

By Ottrisha Carter When we think of Jesus’ blood, we immediately associate the painful image of Jesus being crucified. We are able to visualise Jesus being […]

At church for Mass means being ‘home’ again

The Editor: Like most people, I had not been to Mass in more than three months when I recently had the opportunity to book a space […]

Make the ‘rule’ of St Benedict part of your life

He who labours as he prays lifts his heart to God with his hands – St Benedict St Benedict’s motto ‘Ora et Labora’ (prayer and work) […]

“Social Media helped my faith grow”

By Renée Smith Email: Is your faith life and worldly life separated online? How do you use your online presence to share your Christian beliefs […]


His breath was poured into the very being of His image and likeness. Born to live, move, coexist side by side bring part of this kaleidoscope […]

On answering the Call—Fr Ransome’s story

On May 29, 2010 Fr Steve Ransome, a diocesan priest said ‘Yes’ to the priesthood. He shares his journey with us. I grew up in Maloney, […]

COVID-19 Faith Journey with Our Lady

By Ottisha Carter Writer and current student for the Communications for the Archdiocese Specialist Training progamme (CAST). During the last couple of weeks, people have been […]

God is with us in COVID crisis

By Ottrisha Carter Over the last couple of weeks, many people have been asking themselves: ‘Where is God in all of this?’. This burning question was […]

I want to be ready!

by Raysha Purcell of St Benedict’s parish, La Romaine. My free will to attend Mass and to even serve as both a Lector and Choir member […]

Going through a depression? Learn and trust.

By Lydia Singh, Santa Rosa parish, Arima. COVID-19 happened and sent the world and my world into disarray. It was as if I went to bed […]

6 Apps for your Lenten journey

Our Daily Bread The Our Daily Breaddevotional is read by millions of people around the world and is translated into more than 50 languages. Each month […]

Wash your hands and pray

By Renee Smith Growing up Christian, you probably were often told to lean on God during the good times as equally as during the bad. It […]

How Praying in the Wrong Way destroyed my Faith

I’m sharing with you an account of how I completely lost my faith in God by praying in the wrong way. I was facing some severe […]

Wading into the deep of faith

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: Twitter: @kaelanne1 “Where are you along this journey of faith?” Archbishop Jason Gordon posed this question in his homily as he […]

25 Bible passages to confront COVID-19 fears:

Deuteronomy 31:8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do […]

Five tips to get through a quarantined Lent

We are at the midway point of the Lenten Season and with the uneasiness surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak many would have already been focusing on several […]

Four FREE Books To Read Online For Lent

As the COVID-19 pandemic drives us indoors to hunker down with loved ones, what better time to pick up a book. Brett Cassim of Metropolitan Book […]