Catholic Education Board (CEBM)

CEBM was established in 1934 and is primarily responsible for all matters relating to religious education in the Catholic primary and Government schools. The Board liaises with the Teaching Service Commission and the Ministry of Education.

Derek Hudson

Chief Executive Officer
Sharon Mangroo
306 1935 |

Administrative assistant Marlene Bhanwanie
Quality assurance unit/Project Coordinator Simeon Ferret
Primary and secondary Division Director Mennen Walker-Briggs

Vicariate Managers:

Northern I: Sterling Jacobs
357 0143 |

Northern II: Lester Telesford
790 3259 |

Central:  Anne Marie Braxton
396 2343 |

Eastern I:  Ivy Williams
790 4205 |

Eastern II:  Reynold Phillip
790 4164 |

Southern I: Ann Bahadoorsingh
790 4073 |

Southern II: Bunny Tajadeen
790 4289 |

Suburban:  Aurea Honore
307 0931 |

Support staff:

Sr. Operations Manager: Ayanna Nero
790 3912 |

Accountant: Blair Fraiser (Part-Time/Independent Contractor)

Accounting Assistant: Anton Lewis

Administrative Assistant: Marlene Bhawanie

Facilities Officer: George Johnson
305 8724 |

Executive Assistant to CEO: Marilyn Aqui

Clerical Assistant: Paula Westfield

Business Operations Assistant: Jessie Francis

Board of Directors

Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon, Director

Derek Hudson, Director/Chairman

Fr. Dwight Merrick

Mr. Eric Marcellin, Director

Mr. George Janoura, Director

Mr. Hamilton Padmore, Director

Joann Gomes, Director

Ronald Mark Carmino, Director

Tsian Rodulfo, Director/Corporate Secretary


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