Life Truths

April 5, 2021

God extends His mercy to post-abortive men and women too

Many post-abortive women (and men) mistakenly believe that they have committed the ultimate “unforgivable” sin by participating in the act of abortion, often carrying the burden […]
March 3, 2021

Abortion, not COVID leading cause of deaths in 2020

According to Our World in Data, it is estimated that around 60 million people died in 2020. The website Worldometer, on the basis of data from […]
December 22, 2020

Mary and Joseph, defenders of life

We probably won’t have much explaining to do when we say that the year 2020 was a year like no other in living memory! The COVID-19 […]
October 27, 2020

Conversion therapy – harmful or not?

The determined promotion of the LGBTQ+ agenda has gone so far as to ban all sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) and gender identity change efforts (GICE) […]
May 26, 2020

On the dignity of motherhood

Gone are the days when motherhood was upheld as a noble and esteemed vocation.  So says Rosa Linda G Valenzona in a 2008 article, ‘Motherhood […]
April 28, 2020

With children’s entertainment, monitor their storytellers

As the social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19 continue to confine us to our homes, parents, in their desire (or need) for some breathing space, will […]
March 26, 2020

Culture of death rears its head in pandemic

In Italy, one of the countries worst hit by COVID-19, reports have surfaced of doctors having to make life and death decisions in cases where limited […]
February 21, 2020

Babies before animals

In an address to the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) on January 30, Pope Francis warned of “the modern tendency to judge human […]