Catholic Voices

September 21, 2021

Returning to Mass after lockdown

By Sasha Woodroffe In the midst of yet another wave of Covid-19 restrictions, churches were closed for public worship. For some, this has been the greatest […]
August 17, 2021

The unexamined life is not worth living

By Michael Lezama, 20 What do we value and how do we know that we value it? According to the online dictionary ‘Catholic Culture’, “value is […]
August 11, 2021

The power of the Liturgy to shine during dark times

By Marc Mollenthiel The reality for humanity is that our greatest enemies are the unseen ones. As St Paul said, “we wrestle not with flesh and […]
August 3, 2021

Why go to Confession?

By Shannon Woodroffe When we become physically sick, most of us think of what medication we can take or whether we should seek medical attention, as […]
July 6, 2021

Catholic Voices answers: Is affirmation the path to happiness in gender dysphoria?

By Dr Ryan Corbin We live in a society which values its inclusivity and fluidity. An extension of this has been the global recognition of the […]

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