BOM – a tool to manage procreative choices

BOMA-TT is an Affiliate of the World Organisation of the Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) International. WOOMB is an international organisation founded to help spread the Billings […]

Freedom is love…

At BOMA-TT, we believe in love and not lust. We believe the Method can offer true freedom. Every year Emancipation Day is celebrated and what a […]

Men, called to love as God loves

Two young local workmen were asked, ‘What is Fatherhood?’. The immediate response of the first was “someone who will be there for his children”, although he […]

Planned motherhood…the man does matter

Following our previous article, a focus on parenthood naturally ensues. While young people do not generally think as far ahead on the possibility of motherhood or […]

Understand women once a month… period

Some years ago, at a Health Fair in Trincity Mall, one of our members hollered out to a young man walking by with his friend “come […]

Give young people the truth about their bodies

Happy International Women’s Day 2023! For the first time, BOMA-TT held ‘The Mother & Daughter Seminar’ on Thursday, March 2 and Saturday 4. This seminar was […]

Enjoy yourselves for Carnival…know your limits

Did you know that Carnival is part of our Catholic culture? In Trinidad and Tobago, there is a general welcoming of the pre-Lenten Carnival festivities, where […]

It’s about love, not use…and that’s the truth

What is relativism? Whilst assisting at a Confirmation class, the answer to this question seemed to have had quite a few of the young people questioning […]

Beatification cause for the Billings

Did you know that there is a cause for the canonisation of Drs John and Evelyn Billings? On the website the cause can be found. […]

Are there links between breast cancer risk and hormonal contraceptives?

Reminder to all women, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is especially important to do your breast self-examinations every cycle to check for a painless […]

Making facts clear about the BOM

A Deeper Dive into the Theology of the Body’ is an online and in-person journey that started in July. Persons interested in St Pope John Paul […]

Reproductive health and fertility awareness methods

The Billings Ovulation Method® is used to identify times of fertility and infertility in a woman’s menstrual cycle, so that the couple can plan their pregnancies […]

Bruno, birth control and billings

What does Bruno, Birth control and Billings have in common? They all start with the letter B, plus we don’t talk about any of them enough. […]

‘A Time for Hope & Healing’

On Saturday, May 14, the Billings Ovulation Method Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BOMA-TT), in association with the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission (AFLC), invited those affected […]

Loving motherhood

On this wonderful occasion of Mother’s Day, we would like to thank God for all mothers. The sacrificial love of a mother is something that can […]

Chastity may help curb domestic violence

Domestic Violence continues to plague our country. The Domestic Violence Panel Discussion held online in 2020 by the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission (AFLC) revealed recent statistics […]

Speaking the truth about women’s bodies

The world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, where the call for equality amongst women and men is still being resounded amid all the tragedy […]

‘Love’ issues

Whilst we do not have a ‘two-child’ policy here in Trinidad and Tobago, universally, this number of offspring (or less) has been realised by many couples […]

Our Baptism and the BOM – what’s the link?

Today is the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord and liturgically-speaking, the last day of the Christmas Season. But it is not the last day […]

Moving forward: Learning from the Book of Daniel

By Hedy Tenia The Billings Ovulation Method® (BOM) advocates a natural fertility method of regulating or managing the couple’s ability to conceive a child. The BOM […]

Accompaniment is key to learning about NFP

The use of Natural Family Planning (NFP) is supported and encouraged by the Church. At BOMA-TT we strive to offer “competent, compassionate, patient” teaching of the […]

What to do after ‘Love or Lust?’ webinar

Living the virtue of chastity as a single or married person helps with the use of the Billings Ovulation Method. Chastity is a virtue (like courage […]

Attend ‘Love or Lust’ Seminar, support T&T chastity project

According to the Office of the Prime Minister’s report on an Enquiry about Domestic Violence Data from the Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) Branch of the […]

Parents need to talk to their children about sexuality

Parents generally do a good job of instructing children to learn discipline when it comes to studying for examinations. They also enrol them in football, cricket, […]

September seminar to correct misconceptions about Chastity

The Billings Ovulation Method Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BOMA-TT), a Ministry of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission is hosting the ‘Love or Lust? Creative Competition […]

‘Love or Lust’ events for Amoris Laetitia Family Year

Chastity is often viewed as a restrictive ‘belt’ the Catholic Church tells young people to put on to say no to sex before marriage. This is […]

Healing pregnancy loss

In this year’s ‘Hope and Healing evening’ for all affected by pregnancy loss and difficulty becoming pregnant, in his Good Shepherd Sunday Homily, Archbishop Jason Gordon […]

Gender theory undermining family life

The following is a reconstruct of a true story: I have a friend who has been suffering with depression at times. Recently she has begun to […]

Theology of the Body – still applicable today

After numerous good wishes were hoped for and many prayers were said, our country’s heart broke; Andrea was violently lost just on the heels of the […]

Violence in the Home: A Reckoning

By Hedy Tenia Throughout the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, the wrath of Yahweh is seen and felt, for example Numbers 11:1-2 and 12.  Moses […]

More online, in-person training for 2021

At the start of this new year, BOMA-TT would like to share our plans for 2021 – promote the Billings Ovulation Method®, teach it, live it, […]

For the good of the marriage: NFP or contraception?

In Marriage Preparation classes many times it crosses one’s mind, what is the difference between using contraception and using Natural Fertility Regulation (NFR) if the married […]

About that vocation to love…

Recently the Church proclaimed “Blessed” Carlo Acutis, a Spanish teen in a hoodie who was a computer whiz. We all know we need a saint to […]

Healthy relationships during COVID-19 and beyond

By Keegan Ellis and Hedy Tenia What is your philosophy of life and are the relationships in your life healthy based on your philosophy? Is a […]

The Billings Ovulation Method® in sports

The Billings Ovulation Method® (BOM) is a natural approach to fertility and planning for your family. In a direct way the method encourages couples to become […]

Learn about the BOM virtually

Elections are in the air. We hope and pray for a government that loves the people of this country and is dedicated to making available what […]

Woman, learn the Method and know thyself

There is a trend among some young women nowadays to suppress their menstrual cycles in order to enjoy vacations. The natural event of a woman’s menstrual […]

A terrible tragedy

“I can’t breathe”. The sorrowful last words of George Floyd brought tears to many in the past few weeks. While people of all races across the […]

A saint to encourage pregnant women

Last month BOMA-TT could not host our annual Mass for Hope and Healing due to the lockdown. Many women at this unprecedented time feel the burden […]

Keep calm and maintain charting

We thank God for this beautiful season of Easter, offering us the hope of Heaven and celebrating life in Christ Jesus. This life with Jesus offers […]

BOM – rock solid science

The science behind the Billings Ovulation Method®(BOM) is “rock solid”. The World Organisation Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) International Limited has published a paper with such a […]

Speaking of Love and Lust

“Love can wait to give, but lust can’t wait to get.” There is profound truth in the statement attributed to Jason Evert, a Catholic author and […]

Can the pill affect how you think?

As this New Year begins, may our vision truly be 20/20 in seeing and doing our best to promote and support all that is good. One […]

BOM helps infertile couples

Infertility is a difficult topic to discuss as it affects couples who had plans to grow their family and now suffer great disappointment and heartache. According […]

Yes, youth still interested in #chastity

We at BOMA-TT would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who contributed to the Marriage Quiz which appeared in this column for the past […]

Does marriage really mean plenty sex?

BOMA-TT created a marriage quiz. In our August 11 column we presented the first seven questions and answers. Six more of the 20 questions and answers […]

Are there 3 persons in a marriage?

BOMA-TT created a marriage quiz. In our August 11 column we presented the first seven questions and answers. Here are six more of the 20 questions […]

The use of reproductive technology

Do all women have the right to make babies? After all, isn’t that what being a woman is about, her natural ability to have babies versus […]

Our bodies: our property to do what we want?

In a recent article we referred to in Bloomberg, Margaret Sanger was described as a “female trailblazer”. This is the opinion of those who see her […]

Yes, Billings has an app for that

In a recent Bloomberg article on the first contraceptive app called ‘Natural Cycles’, the creators of the app were criticised because some of its users achieved […]

Faithfulness chat by the mechanic shop

“I don’t know what is happening, like women taking after the men? It used to be men were the ones to do that sort of thing. […]

A Carnival skit that gets real with our youth

In a skit on Carnival, one young man of an all-boys’ school was brave enough to act out getting involved with a woman in a ‘little’ […]

The truth about our bodies

Are you looking for new rules for this New Year? Are you looking for prescriptions for a happier life? What can increase our love and laughter? […]

The many influences of the BOM

Another World AIDS Day passed on December 1. Some of you may be wondering what on earth can the Billings Ovulation Method® (BOM) do to prevent […]

Rebuking ‘General Comment 36’

On October 31 this year, the United Nations Human Rights (CCPR) adopted a General Comment (General Comment No 3 6 on Article 6 of the International […]

Life and Love go hand in hand

Love is contagious. Love is dynamic.  Love is generous. Last month we celebrated love through the movie documentary ‘Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae’. While […]

Church’s newest saint and his influence  

Pope Paul VI, who will be canonised a saint today, Sunday was called “a pope of dialogue” since he felt there was a dire need for […]

A new logo of love and life

Our new logo was created in an effort to identify with the needs of our clients and future clients. ‘Love, natural, and empowerment’ are the words […]

Humanae Vitae 50 years on

Fifty years ago on July 25, 1968, Catholics all over the world were shocked by the pope at that time, Paul VI. After much anticipation that […]

BOM training and ‘time out’ in Costa Rica

‘Pura Vida’ (pure life), is a popular saying in Costa Rica, which was the venue for the World Organisation of Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) International Conference […]

Practising mercy in our turbulent times

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; When our sense of right and wrong is threatened or attacked, we want to take […]

Questions about egg-freezing and IVF

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; It has become fashionable these days for women to freeze their eggs for use at […]

Abstinence isn’t a bad word

Our country is going green. This is great news! Many parts of the country now have recycling bins encouraging us to be more conscious of respecting […]

True permission to ‘wine’ after marriage

This month let us focus on Carnival and Valentine’s Day. The debate on getting “permission to wine” this Carnival has intrigued our Billings teachers so much […]

Every ‘body’ has dignity

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; In an address to the US Senate in 2015, in reaction to a video which […]

NFP – it’s good for you…

This month’s column is the conclusion of an article taken from written by Lisa Price, who was accredited to teach the Billings Method in 2012 […]

Confessions of an NFP advocate

This month’s column is taken from and is by Lisa Price, who was accredited to teach the Billings Method in 2012 while still living in […]

Avoiding pregnancy – for the long haul

The following is an excerpt from a Natural Womanhood online article ‘Is fertility awareness a long-term solution for preventing pregnancy?’ by Kathleen Taylor ( I do […]

Regulation is the method par excellence

Submission to UN WOOMB The United Nations’ (UN) representatives of the World Organisation Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) International recently asked us to make a submission to […]

Billings and the LGBT agenda

The Catholic Church has always been clear that sexual intercourse belongs in marriage between one man and one woman and has two ends: the unitive and […]