Liturgy School – Workshops

  1. Basic Doctrine – To explore the teachings of our faith in areas of liturgy, the Sacraments and the Real Presence.
  2. Catechetics – To help catechists improve their skills in preparing candidates for sacraments.
  3. Church Art – To prepare banners and posters for use in liturgy.
  4. Creative Expression: Drama – To use drama to enhance liturgy.
  5. Homilies / Preaching – To develop good methods for those involved in giving homilies.
  6. Lectio Divina – To interpret the Word of God through personal experiences.
  7. Liturgical Dance – To enhance liturgy by creative movement.
  8. Music Composition – To compose music for the new Missal
  9. Principles of Liturgy: Music – To use music to enhance liturgy
  10. Principles of Liturgy: Rites – To plan and celebrate good liturgy.
  11. Youth Liturgies – To plan creative liturgies for young people.