Liturgy School – Spirit

(Notes adapted from introductory talks given by Fr. Michel de Verteuil, CSSp.)

We the organizers want the School to have a spirit. It is the task of all to maintain the spirit.

The basic thing about the School of Liturgy is that it must be an experience of the Church [in the Caribbean, and] right here in T&T. This means that the School of Liturgy is a whole experience of study, of prayer and of life.

Secondly, here we experience the Church as a communion of parish communities. Liturgy School is not for itself but at the service of parish communities. This guides all that we do. We urge you then to see yourselves

  • As delegates of your parish communities ( even if you have come on your own)
  • With responsibility to your communities when you return (even if you do not see much hope of doing anything in the immediate future).
  • In communion with the rest of the Church – both local and Caribbean.

But we are also a community here. We must live good community life:

Between participants and organizers: we are at your service.

Between participants and participants, especially

Between locals and other Caribbean territories

Between parishes in different parts of the country.