Liturgy School – Life

Work: serious study. This is a school.
A/ Morning Lectures: We are serious and make no apologies for this. But the lectures are participative: hand-outs and question time are very important. We expect full attendance; there have been problems in the past, but we repeat:

we expect full attendance at the Lectures.
B/ Afternoon Workshops. This is serious work too, but more leisurely, more fun..
We urge you to get down to work from the first day. Stick to the time from beginning to end. The workshop is a place of sharing problems. And yes, you will certainly want to prepare for the concert and the final mass, but do not do so to the detriment of the Workshop. Make the final Workshop session meaningful.

C/ Small Group sessions: Tuesday and Friday.
These must help to make Liturgy School more participatory. The Logistics are simple: you have the Small Group numbers in your folders. The Leaders and all must cooperate to make sure the sessions are fruitful.
D/ Open Session on Thursday, second session: This is an occasion for some remedial work. You can ask questions at any time.

Prayer: Deep and personal prayer, if necessary, with spiritual guidance. The Morning and Evening Liturgies are essential to the School. They have a teaching purpose, but this is not primary. Please be on time for these Morning and Evening Liturgies.
Morning Mass at the Abbey Church at 6.45 A.M.
Daily Bible Reading.
There is also Night Prayer in the residences.

A/ In the residences, community life is especially important. Let there be joy, discipline and prayer. There will be House Mothers and Fathers in the residences.
B/ During the day (4 aspects):

  • General: Care for one another, get to know strangers, especially from the other territories. Fun together. Birthdays.
  • Meals: We have a caterer and someone in charge of the kitchen. Not all can be accommodated at one sitting. Please be patient and considerate. Guests are welcome but please let us know beforehand. The lists of Servers and Washing Up will be placed on the wall the previous afternoon, and called out in the general assembly.
  • Recreation: This is an important part of the School. After lunch, don’t start workshops until it is time. Indoor games. Outdoor games at the Seminary.
  • Transportation: We have got some concessions and we are willing to help but we are appealing to those who can help to do so. Those with cars, please help. Transportation provided to and from workshops. Residences outside Mt. St. Benedict, please note that the bus will be there at 6.45 a.m.