Liturgy School – History

School of Liturgy first started in August 1977 by Fr. Ildefons Schroots, OSB of the Abbey at Mt. St. Benedict, in collaboration with Fr. Michel de Verteuil, CSSp of the Pastoral Centre, Fr. Cyril Ross, the Rector of the Seminary and Bro. Paschal Jordan, OSB of the Abbey.

At first it ran for two weeks, and was called the Antilles School of Liturgy, then gradually became local in the various Territories of the Antilles Episcopal Conference. Five Schools of Liturgy emerged: in Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

The School of Liturgy was interrupted in 1988. It was replaced by:

  • One-week Assembly ‘88
  • One-week Parish and Society
  • One-day sessions on Liturgy
  • Catechetical sessions.

A return to the School of Liturgy in 1994, in answer to many requests. Only one week this time. Overwhelming response. We see this response as a sign that, with the smaller number of priests, people really feel the need for the Laity to have training.