Conversations with Archbishop J

Conversations with Archbishop J is the Archbishop’s weekly Column in the Catholic News. 








3/2/2019 Meeting daddy in our true home

10/7/2019 Trusting Daddy for our daily bread

17/7/2019 ‘Daddy, deliver us from temptation’


6/1/2019 All have a part to play for peace

13/1/2019 Alive in Christ

20/1/2019 Prayer –  Convenant and Communion

27/1/2019 God is our daddy!



2/12/2018 Live Advent fully

9/12/2018 Declare a different kind of ‘war’

16/12/2018 The many titles of Our Mother

23/12/2018 Give a gift of support to our priests


4/11/2018 Remembering those who have ‘fallen asleep’

11/11/2018 A plan to transform our Church

18/11/2018 This poor man cried and the lord heard him

25/11/2018 Petrotrin –  a pastoral perspective


7/10/2018 A time for reparation

14/10/2018 Answer Pope’s call – pray against evil

21/10/2018 A mission we all must accept

28/10/2018 God in times of disaster


2/9/2018 A Church in Service to the Nation

9/9/2018 We must protect our children

16/9/2018 We all have a responsibility to protect God’s children

23/9/2018 We need to take back our schools 

30/9/2018 Decriminalise, not legalise


5/8/2018 Moving towards a Pastoral Plan

12/8/2018 Opportunities for ongoing faith formation

19/8/2018 The Pope’s Death Penalty position

26/8/2018 Our earth groans in travail


15/7/2018 Symbol of authority in the call to serve

22/7/2018 The reality of family life 50 years after Humanae Vitae

29/7/2018 The family – our Caribbean reality


3/6/2018 The real presence of Christ in the world

10/6/2018 The ‘heart’ of our Archdiocese

17/6/2018 The truth about justice

24/6/2018 Parents, first teachers on human sexuality 


13/5/2018 Mary, A Sacred Vessel

20/5/2018 Pentecost, renewal and the Church

27/5/2018 The Trinity: love perfect


1/4/2018 Easter Hope

8/4/2018 Jesus, I trust in you

15/4/2018 Thinking with the Church

22/4/2018 Marriage: a Covenant

29/4/2018 Archbishop, what is an ad limina visit?


4/3/2018 Amoris Laetitia – Mercy and Truth have met

11/3/2018 In the midst of human weakness…

 18/3/2018 Archbishop Pantin, the founder

25/3/2018 Make Holy Week a memoria


4/2/2018 The Holy Spirit and the Church II

18/2/2018 Sacrifice for something bigger than yourself

25/2/2018 A time and season for everything


14/1/2018 Let’s work in solidarity

21/1/2018 God calls YOU

28/1/2018 The Holy Spirit and the Church