Conversations with Archbishop J


27 Find a welcoming place for Christ

20 Pray and work for Peace

13 What to hope for in Confirmation

6 Why the sacrament of Confirmation lays a foundation


29 It’s Advent – create holy moments

22 Prepare for an encounter with our King

15 Breaking the cycle of shame

8 Standards to follow


25 From shame to redemption

18 Share the faith, support the mission

11 Our families, on pilgrimage towards the domestic Church

4 At the point of no return


27 Meet the migrant in our midst

20 Learning forgiveness in the family

13 Know your rites

6 Service – let the good works flow


30 This is our house

23 Parents must be the first and best catechists

16 Make your family a domestic sanctuary

9 Exercise your duty wisely, vote for the common good

2 Stop, reflect, pray for our democracy


26 Family and the big Church

19 Stages on our spiritual journey

12 Response calls for authentic development

5 A dose of Intentionality and Grace


28 Reigniting the Catholic DNA

21 Key practices of the domestic Church

14 We are vitally connected to Christ

7 Family, on mission, become what you are


31 Cues to Pentecost

24 A good story for all time

17 Living a ‘good life’ caring for our common home

10 Why turn to Mary, Our Mother

3 Find the right balance


26 In a time of challenge, remember justice and mercy

19 Let us go where the transformation of the apostles took place

12 Where we must put our hope

The grace of vulnerability


29 What this little microbe is doing to us

22 Extreme generosity to lessen COVID-19 impact

15 For the common good

It’s all in the giving

Initiating a mystical union with Christ


23 Black Power revolution unfinished

16 Understanding the sacred mysteries

Divine interconnection – Word and Eucharist

The homily gives meaning to the Word


26 Want to encounter Christ? Read your Bible

19 Receive Communion with reverence

12 Hope for more dynamic Catholics


25 The road we take

18 What we need to get right

11 A Pill for Our ‘Picaroon’ Society

Consider the golden rule


28 A culture of disrespect

21 Levelling the education ‘playing field’

14 Time to have ‘the talk’

Our Caribbean word about God


30 Rooted in Christ

23 Which side of the line do you stand?

16 Plenty fathers, need more dads

‘Vene’ crisis: What do you see?

Going back to our baptismal roots


26 In the Cross – love, discipleship, victory

19 Mary, our Queen Mother

The challenges of Catholic media


28 The Resurrection – ultimate sign of Mercy

21 The Resurrection – process and power

14 The empty tabernacle – what God has done for us

Partnering with the strangers among us


31 Marriage prep and beyond

24 Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving to rebuild a community

17 Calling our men to mission, mentorship

10 Renewing our Baptismal call

The rhythm and routine of prayer


24 Movement towards God

17 ‘Daddy, deliver us from temptation’

10 Trusting Daddy for our daily bread

All have a part to play for peace



23 Give a gift of support to our priests

16 The many titles of Our Mother

Declare a different kind of ‘war’

Live Advent fully


25 Petrotrin –  a pastoral perspective

18 This poor man cried and the lord heard him

11 A plan to transform our Church

Remembering those who have ‘fallen asleep’


28 God in times of disaster

21 A mission we all must accept

14 Answer Pope’s call – pray against evil

A time for reparation


30 Decriminalise, not legalise

23 We need to take back our schools 

16 We all have a responsibility to protect God’s children

We must protect our children

A Church in Service to the Nation


26 Our earth groans in travail

19 The Pope’s Death Penalty position

12 Opportunities for ongoing faith formation

Moving towards a Pastoral Plan


29 The family – our Caribbean reality

22 The reality of family life 50 years after Humanae Vitae

15 Symbol of authority in the call to serve


24 Parents, first teachers on human sexuality 

17 The truth about justice

10 The ‘heart’ of our Archdiocese

The real presence of Christ in the world


27 The Trinity: love perfect

20 Pentecost, renewal and the Church

13 Mary, A Sacred Vessel


29 Archbishop, what is an ad limina visit?

22 Marriage: a Covenant

15 Thinking with the Church

Jesus, I trust in you

Easter Hope


25 Make Holy Week a memoria

18 Archbishop Pantin, the founder

11 In the midst of human weakness…

Amoris Laetitia – Mercy and Truth have met


25 A time and season for everything

18 Sacrifice for something bigger than yourself

The Holy Spirit and the Church II


28  The Holy Spirit and the Church

21 God calls YOU

14 Let’s work in solidarity