Sunday July 7th: Rejected by his own
July 7, 2024
Tuesday July 9th: Bring others to Jesus
July 9, 2024

Monday July 8th: Lord, increase my faith

‘Courage, my daughter, your faith has restored you to health.’

Matthew 9: 18 – 26

In today’s gospel we see expressions of faith that resulted in success. First it was the woman with the haemorrhage, and then the official whose daughter had died.

From this passage we have seen two experiences that show us the great importance of faith. The woman, having suffered for so many years was desperate and believed that the slightest encounter with Jesus, even by just touching his garment would cause her healing.

The official, although his daughter was already dead and he could have given up hope, still had faith in Jesus and the girl was brought to life.

I am sure that we have known of people in our life who have been able to surmount the greatest of difficulties when they had faith. With strong faith in Jesus, we can achieve our greatest wish, and that is the wish of eternal life.

Lord, increase my faith.