Tuesday July 2nd: Seeking Jesus Always
July 2, 2024
Roseau diocese focuses on family life
July 3, 2024

Wednesday July 3rd: I love Jesus

St Thomas, Apostle.

I cannot touch Jesus, but I know He is real.

John 20: 24 – 29

Jesus had respect for Thomas. He did not reprimand Thomas (or as we say in Trinidad, “buff him up”), but invited Thomas to verify that He, Jesus, was indeed real.
I cannot touch Jesus, but I know He is real.
The fact that I have a house in which to live is a miracle. Eighteen months ago, a fire destroyed my home. That same night I was able to move into an empty townhouse belonging to one of my brothers. That had to be Jesus at work!
I remember when I was at University I was not prepared for an examination. I knew next to nothing! The night before the exam, when everyone was studying, I was in the chapel praying. The day of the examination only the material I knew was on that exam.
I do not have to touch His wounds because I can see the miracles He performs everyday in my life.
My job is to believe in Him and praise and thank Him.