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July 3, 2024
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July 3, 2024

Roseau diocese focuses on family life


The theme for Family Week 2024 in the Diocese of Roseau was Evangelising Families for Mission. This week-long event took place from June 16 to 22, with activities planned at both the parish and diocesan levels.

The week commenced on Father’s Day with a Eucharistic celebration in all churches and chapels. This occasion served to underscore the role of fathers in the family, often referred to as the domestic Church. It also acknowledged the efforts of men in stabilising the family unit and encouraged them to participate more actively in their family life and the life of the Church.

Throughout the week, specific days were set aside for Family Prayer, Appreciation, Fun, and Family Recreation.

According to a report from Dominica News Online, one of the main highlights of the week was a panel discussion, organised in collaboration with the UWI Global Dominica Campus. The discussion focused on the topic ‘The Family in Contemporary Dominican Society: Opportunities and Challenges’.

A panel of four, including attorney Noelize Knight-Didier, Rosie and Rany Felix, and Fr Herman Sharplis, explored this topic. Tim Durand moderated the discussion.

In its ongoing ministry to families, another key focus was a Training of Trainers programme. This programme aims to introduce the Liturgy of the Domestic Church Life (LDCL) in the Diocese of Roseau. LDCL, a ministry focused on the family, was designed by Greg and Lisa Popcak of the USA. The programme aims to rejuvenate Catholic family life by demonstrating how simple daily family practices can fulfil the priestly, prophetic, and royal mission received at Baptism.

LDCL, the online news source said, is deeply rooted in and nourished by Eucharistic grace. Through this grace, even families facing difficulties can transform into domestic churches capable of participating in the life and mission of the Church.

The Family Life Commission in the Diocese of Roseau was established with the aim of enhancing the quality of family life. It seeks to deepen awareness of the Church’s teachings on family issues by disseminating information on these teachings and by strengthening support programmes for families.

At present, the Commission is collaborating with parishes to fortify Family Life Units. These units will organise and implement family life programmes and will also serve as support groups for families.

The Diocese of Roseau has identified family life as a key priority. It aims to transform the home into a domestic Church, a safe haven for children and other family members, where love, joy, and care are abundant.