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Blessing of boats in Castara

The serene shores of Castara, Tobago became a gathering place for parishioners on June 23. Fr Leslie Tang Kai celebrated Holy Mass, blessed boats and fishermen of the Castara community.

Setting sail on a small fishing vessel off Castara’s coast, he travelled through the waters to extend his blessings to the vessels in the bay. The residents of Castara joyfully sang hymns and worship songs, their voices blending with the sound of the waves. Afterwards, they relished the freshly caught fish provided by local fishermen, a true feast of the sea.

During his sermon, Fr Leslie emphasised the significance of awakening Jesus in our hearts. Drawing from the Sunday’s Gospel, Mark 4:35–41, he highlighted how even the seasoned fishermen among the disciples faltered in their faith amidst the storm, finding peace only when they turned to Jesus. The image of Jesus asleep during the storm exemplified the notion of finding rest in God’s peace, as Fr Leslie reiterated, “Who controls the sea but God alone!”

Concluding his homily, he imparted words of wisdom, saying, “Christ is our light; He is the light of the world, and if we are trusting in Him, my brothers and sisters, we have nothing to fear.”

After blessing the vessels, Fr Leslie returned to shore to join the Castara community for a fulfilling day on the beach. The parishioners engaged in lively sporting activities including a spirited game of cricket. Many also took to the cool waters of Castara beach, seeking relief from the midday sun.

—Gabrielia Sooklal, parishioner