Monday July 1st: The extra mile
July 1, 2024
Wednesday July 3rd: I love Jesus
July 3, 2024

Tuesday July 2nd: Seeking Jesus Always

“Lord save us, lest we perish!”

Matthew 8:23-27

A number of persons shared on their reaction to the recent 6.2 earthquake. They called on Jesus, because they were scared.
The disciples were as well. They recognised that they had to call on Jesus, fearful that otherwise, they may perish in the great tempest.
Why is it we must so often wait until there is danger or some troubled situation to call on the Lord?

Jesus is always with us even when we think He might be asleep. It is up to us to have faith and continue along the path of Christ, yes, calling upon Him through continuous prayer. This gospel passage also reminds us that the calm will come after the storm, in God’s own time. In other words, whatever challenges we are experiencing, those too shall pass. I am not suggesting it will be easy by any means.

The disciples were so amazed that even the wind and the sea obeyed Him. Once we trust He will redeem us. What a mighty God we serve!
Jesus, increase our belief in you. Amen.