Sunday June 30th: Your Faith Has Restored You to Health
June 30, 2024
Tuesday July 2nd: Seeking Jesus Always
July 2, 2024

Monday July 1st: The extra mile

‘… but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.’

Matthew 8: 18 – 22

In the words of Buju Banton, “it’s not an easy road”.

Following Jesus has been compared to passing a camel through the eye of the needle, entering through a small gate or taking the narrow road. Even today’s gospel, “… the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”.

Why does it have to be so uninviting. Honest, yes, but so discouraging. I have heard many a priest’s story of trying to ignore God’s call.

For us Christians a vocation is not just something that God calls us to do, it is also the person God calls us to be.

So, a more positive saying, I heard from my parish priest, to hopefully encourage you as it has me – there is no traffic on the extra mile, go for it.

Today I pray for all vocations, that all who are called, hear and answer.