Monday June 24th: Different from the start
June 24, 2024
Wednesday June 26th: A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit
June 26, 2024

Tuesday June 25th: Exercising Discernment

“Do not cast your pearls to swine” …

Matthew: 7:6,12-14

What causes us to be careless with what is precious to us? Is it eagerness to share and so we overshare? Or perhaps a bit of pride causing us to display our knowledge?

In our spiritual journeys, often times we may be tempted or lured into casting the proverbial pearl to swines. However, we must exercise discernment and heed the warning of our Good Shepherd in today’s Gospel least we are trampled on.

Instead, let us offer kindness as we would wish kindness upon ourselves, let us practice caution that we stay off the wide road leading to destruction and let us continue collecting what is truly precious and holy as we seek to stay on the narrow and constricted road which leads to life.