Sunday June 23rd: In the midst of the storm
June 23, 2024
Tuesday June 25th: Exercising Discernment
June 25, 2024

Monday June 24th: Different from the start

Nativity of St John the Baptist

“The hand of the Lord was with him.”

Luke 1: 57-60, 80

St. John the Baptist had a purpose driven life. The prayers of the Church today invite us to reflect on his calling.
“You sent Saint John the Baptist to the people of Israel to make them ready for Christ the Lord.”
“He came as a witness to the truth.” “… he will go before the Lord God to prepare a people fit for him.”
When God wants to do a mighty work, He never acts in the way one would expect. It’s no surprise then that John’s story was different from the very beginning. From the circumstances of his conception to his naming at birth, the ritual status quo was upended, and people paused.
It made people think and talk and marvel. “What will this child become?” His story shook them out of their comfort zone and challenged their normal.
If we are a people fit for a king, we too are challenged to look, think and be different. May the hand of the Lord be upon us, empowering us to be great witnesses to the truth.