Monday June 17th: Red Rover
June 17, 2024
Wednesday June 19th: All for God’s glory!
June 19, 2024

Tuesday June 18th: God calls us to conversion of heart

“He causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust”

Matthew 5:43-48

I remember once having issues with someone who was being unjust to me. I tried to address it by going to the authorities, yet nothing was done. I thought God was unjust to me as well because He was allowing the situation to continue. I prayed for months and was about to give up. Then I had an ‘aha moment’.

God was really working on me through this experience. I had to dig deep inside of me to love and try to understand this person. Then dig even deeper to patiently bear my suffering; and dig even further to see that God loves this person and was doing His work there as well. I came to a place of conversion by accepting the person, knowing that God lets His face shine on good and bad. God constantly calls us to conversion to have a heart like Christ so we can love even those who hate us. After months of praying, I was at peace.

Father, we are all your children, though not perfect. Help us love and accept one another especially those who hurt us. Amen