Sunday June 16th: Planted deep within
June 16, 2024
Tuesday June 18th: God calls us to conversion of heart
June 18, 2024

Monday June 17th: Red Rover

“If anyone hits you on the right cheek, offer him the other as well” …

Matthew 5: 38 – 42

Do you remember our childhood game, ‘Red, Rover’? As adults, we are in the grown-up version of game, however, the stakes are higher and enemy is prowling, waiting for a chance for us to call him over. When we lock arms in faith and solidarity with other Christians, we form the frontline of protection. Satan knows that he cannot infiltrate.
So, what he does instead, is to send a spirit of offense right over to weaken the hedge so that he can burst through and gain a foothold into our families, workplaces, parishes and communities. He knows that if people are offended, they will most likely withdraw their presence and leave a giant opening in the wall. That’s why in today’s gospel, Jesus instructs us not to retaliate.
As much as you want to address certain things, it is often best to step back and let God be God. You see that injustice that you suffered, trust me, God saw it too and he will address it.
Hold the line. Don’t vacate your post.