5 Reflections on Catholic Fatherhood
June 15, 2024
Monday June 17th: Red Rover
June 17, 2024

Sunday June 16th: Planted deep within

“Night and day, while he sleeps, when he is awake, the seed is sprouting and growing; how, he does not know.”

Mark 4:26-34

Today, Jesus gives some insight into the kingdom of God. He makes the point that the kingdom of God is something that grows without pomp or pageantry. It is very small at first and can be hidden underground but never dormant, it is always growing to a maturity and a majesty that benefits all of creation.

By virtue of our baptism, the kingdom of God has been planted within us. Can we not see this kingdom unfolding in our lives? Faith, Hope and Love sprout when we cooperate night and day with the will of God for our lives and are persistent in prayer and praise. These virtues are the important branches of our lives that provide strength, security, stability and shelter in a very broken world.

Let us pray for the humility to be able to identify the kingdom in its simplicity and more so, for the fortitude to engage with it, so that we may give honour, glory and thanksgiving to our God who brings about our moral and spiritual flourishing.