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June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024

Miniature Marys’ feature at Tortuga’s Tea with Our Lady

This year’s Afternoon Tea with Our Lady (ATWOL) began with its usual Marian Devotions, Holy Mass, followed by tea at the Tortuga Presbytery grounds enjoyed by over 200 happy patrons.

The chief celebrant at Mass was Archbishop Emeritus Robert Rivas OP, concelebrated by our beloved parish priest, Fr Shijo Abraham Zacharias MSFS. Archbishop Rivas was thrilled to be celebrating in the newly restored shrine and complimented Fr Abraham on the beauty and sacredness of the space. He was mesmerised by the powerful presence of Our Lady of Montserrat, whose statue was placed in front of the altar surrounded by beautiful roses and other flowers.

A profoundly moving part of the celebration this year was the presence of four young girls of First Communion age, each wearing a costume depicting our Blessed Mother’s different manifestations. The congregation was graced by the presence of Our Lady of Fatima (Adeline Penco), Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Aria Maharaj), Our Lady of the Rosary (Naomi Telfer) and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Stephne Figaro Ramsewak).

These ‘miniature Marys’ accompanied the four adults who processed to the altar with the gifts during the Offertory. Their innocence and dignified presence had patrons spellbound, and many were moved to tears as these children lovingly held rosaries and scapulas, perfectly imitating Our Blessed Mother.

Archbishop Rivas was charming and inspiring as he delivered a profound message on ‘Our Lady, Spouse of the Holy Spirit.’ He elaborated the theme by drawing from teachings from Church Fathers and guiding the congregation through the secrets of the expanded title, “Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son and Spouse of the Holy Spirit.”

This theme showed the intimate, interwoven relationship between Our Blessed Mother and the Godhead and was the perfect teaching to mark the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.

Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon was in attendance and was presented with a gift from the parish by Fr Abraham. Patrons happily went to the nearby presbytery grounds to enjoy the goodies provided and the beautiful sounds of pan played by Joshua Regrello. Patrons danced and celebrated their door prize wins. They also admired the sunset, which signalled the end of a lovely afternoon.

—Diane Bertrand,

President of the Shrine Committee