Saturday June 8th: You never forsake me
June 8, 2024
Monday June 10th: Our Reward
June 10, 2024

Sunday June 9th: Who are my mother and brothers?

“Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother.”

Mark 3:20-35

Throughout history anyone who tried to go against the grain is persecuted, is demonized and branded as possessed. Jesus falls squarely into this category and as a result was scourged, spat upon and couldn’t find a place to rest his head. Even among his own he questions, ‘Who is my family?’

In our time, some guided by the same spirit as Jesus, choose to stand up against the tide, and proclaim the truth. More often than not, these whistle blowers are ridiculed and sent on administrative leave; every iota of their contribution ‘rubbished’.

In every tribe, and tongue and people and nation the Spirit of God forges its purifying breath. Individuals, propelled by this spirit, are driven to stand up and speak the blistering truth that will land them in trouble. They know it, they sense the approaching storm; yet they speak out against the big bad cowards who always win the day.

These are the Jesus people. They are His mother and brother and sister.