‘Choose logic of Christ not the world’s’
June 7, 2024
Sunday June 9th: Who are my mother and brothers?
June 9, 2024

Saturday June 8th: You never forsake me

Immaculate Heart of Mary

‘Why were you looking for me?’

Luke. 2: 41-51

In today’s gospel we see the parents of Jesus worried that they could not find him. It sounds like a modern-day story.
Eventually they find him in the temple and when they expressed their concern to him, his answer was: Did you not know that I must be busy with my Father’s affairs?

When we are in church, be it for Mass or any devotion, we recognise that Jesus is present among us, but often once we leave, we do not see his presence.
It is then that we must remember that we are the temples of the Holy Spirit, so the spirit of Jesus is always inside of us. Thus, when we sing out, ‘My God, where are you?’ Jesus is inside of us, in our temple, saying to us, ‘Why are you looking for me? I am always here.’

Lord, help me realise that you never forsake me.