Monday June 3rd: God chooses, not man
June 3, 2024
Priest Calls for Peace After Tragic Gonzales and PoSGH Shootings
June 4, 2024

Tuesday June 4th: I pray for wisdom

That was real mamaguy

Mark 12: 13-17

I pray for wisdom. The Pharisees and Herodians tried to “outsmart” Jesus by flattering Him.
Jesus did not fall for the flattery. That was real “mamaguy” as we say in Trinidad and Tobago.
This Gospel shows us some of the tricks people can use to trap us. It is better than a pop-psychology book on how to spot con artists.
My prayer is to Our Father for the ability to recognize flattery and all other forms of insincerity I may encounter in daily life.
I know that everything I have and all that I am come from God. The question is how do I give “to God what belongs to God?”
I continue to ask the Holy Spirit to guide me and teach me the ways I can give back to God.
I assume the words “give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar mean that we should follow the law of the land.