Sunday June 2nd: Celebrating God’s goodness
June 2, 2024
Tuesday June 4th: I pray for wisdom
June 4, 2024

Monday June 3rd: God chooses, not man

“The stone the builders rejected has become the corner stone.”

Mark 12:1-12

Today the church celebrates the feast of Charles St Lwanga, a Ugandan 26-year-old saint and his peers martyred in 1886. He was a convert to Roman Catholicism canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964, and the Patron Saint of Catholic Youth Action, Converts and Torture Victims.
Who under normal thinking can ever fathom someone like Charles Lwanga being a saint? It confirms that God chooses, not man. There is of course precedence throughout the Bible of unlikely persons risen up to do God’s work.
In today’s Gospel the failure of the tenants to respect the agents of the owner to the point of murdering his own son reflects in many ways the times we are living, and the rejection of Jesus. We wonder at what is happening to the young. We often say they have no role models. Perhaps the focus is on the wrong people… “The stones the builders rejected and are now the corner stones,” are evident by their good deeds and discipleship. We just need to be more attentive.
Jesus is calling everyone to holiness, let us heed His call.