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May 28, 2024
Do a ‘litmus test’ on your soul
May 29, 2024

Wednesday May 29th: Cross before Crown

“We want You to do us a favor.”

Mark 10:31-45

The Lord now now telling the twelve
How in Jerusalem, He’ll be made to suffer.
Next verse, hear the “Sons of Thunder”
“Lord, we want Yuh to do us a favor”

“We want position on Yuh left hand and Yuh right”
Like them fellas miss de part bout what was going to be de Master’s plight.

Suffering and service comes before becoming renowned
It’s always taking up the cross
That precedes putting on the crown

Ephesians 5:1 say we have to imitate Christ
Who humbled Himself and died
To save us from our own demise

He said service in humility is how we should live
Not only take and take and feel entitled
To be first, Christ say, we have to learn to give.

Give of ourselves, as He did for us
Not everybody have to be prosperous,
And sit in front of the bus.

We may achieve high positions in life,
And if we don’t that’s okay too
Remember it’s not about what we want and our own ambitions
It’s about God’s will,
working through me and you.