Sunday May 19th: The Spirit of Truth
May 19, 2024
Tobago well represented at Steps for Hope race, take top spots in 1K
May 20, 2024

Monday May 20th: Love

Mary, Mother of the Church

He gave her as mother to the world

John 19:25-34

Today’s gospel is a reminder of Gratitude we should show to Jesus for giving us his mother at such a painful time. We may have been to many a funeral of a son and felt the grief of the mother as she bade farewell. So heart wrenching! As Son of Man and Son of God, Jesus could do more. Seeing the grief of His mother, He made a most significant gesture: He gave her to the world through the beloved John.
Let us pray for mothers whose faith has strengthened them; for those whose grief has no end; who have no one to care for them; whose surviving children have neglected them for one reason or another; who were not able to say farewell or are still looking out, still living in hope that their son is alive.
The list is endless, but today ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to embrace mothers, to cover them with her precious blue mantle and to hold them close to Jesus.