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May 15, 2024
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Province’s clergy express solidarity to Grenada Church

The executive members of the Association of Diocesan Clergy of the Province of Castries have expressed their solidarity with Bishop Clyde Harvey of St George’s-in-Grenada, clergy and faithful of the Church in Grenada.

In a release titled ‘Letter of Solidarity’ dated April 26, and addressed to the members of the association of diocesan clergy of St George’s in Grenada, the executive said they recognise the “pain and division this situation has caused.”

The executive comprises President Fr Alando Williams, Fr Peter Mary Emmanuel—Vice President, Fr Nigel Karam—Secretary, Fr Herman Sharplis—Assistant Secretary and Fr Albert Smith—Treasurer.

In the letter, they say they pray for the Lord to bestow wisdom and counsel, patience and understanding on Bishop Harvey, Fr Gerard Paul, and parishioners as they work towards preserving the unity of the Church.

The executive affirmed their support for the sentiments of Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire of Castries and his efforts in this regard, especially in his exhortation that the Church’s system of laws and procedures be respected and followed by all involved.

“We continue to offer prayerful support for the intervention of the Holy Spirit especially during this Easter season and as we look forward to Pentecost,” the members said.

They expressed hope that good sense may prevail towards a fraternal resolution in the interest of the Grenadian Church and reminded faithful that they are called at this time to “reflect seriously” on Jesus’ exhortation “that they may be one even as We are” (Jn 17:11).