40 days after – Journeying into our new normal
May 8, 2024
Margaret’ was a mother figure to all
May 9, 2024

Thursday May 9th: Joy and Sorrow

Part of our Human Condition

John 16:16-20

The Gospel passage today begins with words that would evoke sadness in Jesus’ disciples.  He tells them they would no longer see Him.  Then He says that in a short while they will see Him again.  Those words would evoke joy.  The juxtaposition of joy and sorrow is a part of our Human Condition and a natural part of our lives, as Christians.  They are inextricably linked.

As followers of Jesus and as persons attentive to each emotion we feel, as gift from God, we know that with one comes the other.  We have a different experience of joy and sorrow from the rest of the world.  Jesus says the disciples will weep while the world rejoices.  We temper every emotion.  When the world is joyful, we too share in that but there is sobriety in our joy; and when the world mourns, we too are sorrowful but there is joy in our sorrow because of Jesus’ Resurrection and message of hope that our ‘sorrow will turn to joy’.