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May 9, 2024
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May 9, 2024

Keeping the BOM real…

The Billings Ovulation Method® has been traditionally noted to be ‘Natural Family Planning’ for many years. It is a natural way for family planning indeed (achieving or postponing pregnancy), but there is more to the Method that has been discovered. It is now used additionally for monitoring reproductive health. The Method is therefore now synonymous with the term ‘Natural Fertility Awareness’ as a result, where observation of the natural signs of fertility and infertility are employed for all the reasons the Method might be utilised.

On the website, an article entitled: ‘NFP: Not Freaking Practical’ caught some attention. The author writes at the beginning of the article: “…let me preface everything else you’re about to read with this simple and truthful statement: my husband and I learned NFP, are practicing NFP, and are discovering the tangible benefits and grace-filled gifts of NFP. But and I cannot stress this enough: NFP is easily one of the most difficult parts of married life, and I wish people had been honest with us about that sooner.”

The article was posted on several BOMA-TT WhatsApp groups, and it did garner some interesting comments:

“…loved how she connected Christ’s sacrificial Love for us on the Cross, which she ultimately tied with her sacrificial love in the practical use of NFP leading to increased trust & faith in each other – (she & her husband) – & in Christ.” – SA

“…Whenever we present on our NFP journey, we make the point that it is “a way of life” and that it isn’t easy. The fact is we are contradicting and combatting world views, which we are all constantly bombarded with. So, make no mistake that we can’t only speak of the benefits without speaking of the sacrifices…” – LC

“…I think that this article is dangerous as it can put off many couples and create fear in the marriage and distrust of the Church.” – SJ

“…This is the truth of accompaniment. I share my challenges; you share yours and we pray for each other to endure…The joy becomes even greater when compared with the truth of the painful struggle…” – PH

“I love the saying: “this method is love” but obviously love as we understand it as Catholics is laying down one’s life for the other as Jesus did on the cross for us. So it does require sacrifice and maybe that needs to be emphasised more. I think the article is very honest, even if it makes us squirm. This method is not easy. But it is such a gift.” – SH

“…NFP requires self-control, waiting, communication, honesty, denying oneself, sacrifice, true love…If God is not at the centre of your marriage, then a lot of negativity can creep into the relationship that can become overwhelming…” – ST

“…Like the practice of any virtue, the journey is difficult, but the long-term goal and objective is what we desire, and just like the truly meaningful things in life, it is worth it!” – AG

“…it’s her experience and maybe it may be an easier journey for others… that’s the only thing she didn’t say… but I think it’s a great article.” – SD

“As a newlywed myself and a man practising the Method, I find the article to be very accurate. There are times my wife and I timings don’t line up on ‘dry days’ or infertile days because of our work schedule. That alone can be frustrating. I agree that the method is difficult at times. However, I don’t agree with her saying the Method is not practical. It is practical with some self-control and help from God. Since learning and practising the Method, I have found that I know and understand my wife’s body better. She is correct by saying the Church should explain the reality of the Method to couples and not just paint one side mostly.” – OS

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