Tuesday May 7th: Avoiding the Hard Questions
May 7, 2024
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May 8, 2024

Wednesday May 8th: Pass it on!

He will lead you to the complete truth.

John 16: 13-15

Today Jesus gives us the good news that the Spirit of truth will come and lead us to the complete truth. We must realise that from our baptism we are filled with this Spirit, and we are nurtured by our parents, teachers, nuns, priests and those with whom we interact.

This gives us the responsibility to pass on to others what is truth. We remember the words, ‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you.’ Thus, we pass on to others the truth, for we would like others to share the truth with us.

It means that all of us need to pass on the complete truth that was passed down to us and we, filled with the Holy Spirit, would be led to the complete truth. And so, Jesus would be glorified.

Father, give us priests, nuns, teachers and parents who would lead us to the complete truth.