Monday May 6th: Be a Living Testimony
May 6, 2024
Wednesday May 8th: Pass it on!
May 8, 2024

Tuesday May 7th: Avoiding the Hard Questions

“Not one of you asks, ‘Where are you going?’

John 16:5-11

After Jesus told His disciples that He was going, He questioned, ‘Not one of you asks “Where are you going?”’. He sounds wistful, disappointed and even a bit hurt by those closest to him who have been with Him all this time and are staying at a shallow, superficial level with Him when they ought to be loving deeply.
So it is with us too, sometimes we are not really piercing the surface with those in our lives who are closest to us. Are we doing so even with Jesus? Were the disciples consciously avoiding the hard questions? Are we? Are we too staying in the comfortable realm of feelings and not probing deeper when this is where Jesus wants us to go?
Jesus points the disciples to the Holy Spirit whose coming will right all these questions and cause them to come into the truth. We too need to allow the Holy Spirit to show us what Jesus wants us to see.