Sunday May 5th: A new way of loving and serving
May 5, 2024
Tuesday May 7th: Avoiding the Hard Questions
May 7, 2024

Monday May 6th: Be a Living Testimony

“And you too will be witnesses, because you have been with me from the beginning.”

 John 15:26 – 16:4a

Jesus encourages us to testify, this He says will be our weapon.
Recently, I was brought to a place of complete dependence on God. The battle was so fierce it weakened me physically: I had zero control. I had no choice but to pour out my libations to God and wait for His Spirit to act.
During this time, the words ‘Heaven and Earth are filled with Your Glory’ came alive. I understood the same Spirit that ushered the world into existence and breathed life into Man, consumed every aspect of the entire world- NOTHING was outside God.
The situation intensified, yet by God’s grace He kept me by a thin thread. Then at the very last minute, His Glory was fully revealed, and no one could deny that it was God’s Work ALONE.
I realized that we are to become a living testimony. It means living humility, not trying to be humble. True humility is living fully in Truth.