Friday May 3rd: Models of Discipleship
May 3, 2024
Sunday May 5th: A new way of loving and serving
May 5, 2024

Saturday May 4th: I am a child of God

I am not always quick to say the “Grace before Meals” at restaurants.

John 15: 18-21

I have to remember I am a child of God at all times and show it by my actions.
It is sometimes very difficult to be faithful to my prayer times.
I also truly have to pray to think of God during the day.
I am not always quick to say the ‘Grace before meals’ prayer at restaurants.
I get so ashamed of myself. Am I really concerned that people would see me make ‘The sign of the Cross’?
What am I afraid of?
My prayer is that I always remember my true identity. I continue to pray for the courage to show the world that I belong to God.
Please God, may I always remember to praise and thank you when I am enjoying something and not only come to you, when I am begging for you to save me from life’s everyday hassles.