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132 years and still evolving

Happy Birthday to us!

The history of the Catholic newspaper within the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, is a testament to its enduring commitment to Catholic values, and the embodiment of love in action.

Dating back to 1862 with the founding of the Star of The West by Archbishop Ferdinand English, its inception marked a pivotal moment in the region’s journalistic landscape.

Though Archbishop English’s life was cut short after its launch, the flame of Catholic journalism continued to burn brightly with the establishment of the Trinidad Palladium by his successor, Archbishop Louis Joachim Gonin OP, in 1877. Despite the passing of Archbishop Gonin and subsequent challenges, the spirit of Catholic communication endured.

In 1892, Archbishop Vincent Flood, another Dominican luminary, breathed new life into the tradition with the birth of The Catholic News, whose service to the local Catholic community has been unwavering for 132 years.

Embedded within the ethos of The Catholic News is the timeless wisdom of St Augustine, encapsulated in its motto: “In essentials, Unity; in non-essentials, Tolerance; in all things, Charity.” This mantra serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path of integrity, ethical reporting, and commitment to the Gospel message.

As the years unfolded, The Catholic News evolved, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of media and communication. Today, alongside its print publication, it embraces the digital realm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and with initiatives like Altos, a cable news programme on Trinity TV and TTT, aimed at reaching wider audiences and engaging with contemporary issues through a Catholic lens. God has placed individuals to support.

Behind the scenes, core Editorial, a resolute team of five individuals, each handpicked by divine providence, labour tirelessly in service of their vocation to bring the paper to publication every week.

Many moments of despair may arise, questioning whether their efforts reach anyone amidst the cacophony of voices in the modern world. Yet, they persist, fuelled by a deep-seated faith, commitment to their mission, and an openness to consider diverse means of  feeding the integral needs of their readership.

This was especially so during the lockdown years of the Covid-19 pandemic while working remotely, the publication of the paper occurred without skipping a beat. And simultaneously, the Team enhanced the online presence of the paper. A radical change in design and format to the print was even effected during this time!

The longevity of the paper, the oldest publication in Trinidad and Tobago, and its generational familiarity may have led to it being taken for granted, but it is as much a part of the Catholic local landscape of the faithful as perhaps churches are. There was never a time when the congregation attended Mass and have not seen the paper for sale. With each edition, the paper reaffirms its dedication to the values of truth, justice, and compassion, echoing the timeless teachings of Christ in a world hungry for authentic witness.

As it continues to evolve and adapt to the challenges of the times, and changes to its personnel, its message remains unchanged: to be a living testament communicating the transformative power of God’s love, the Team committed to serving the Catholic community with humility, and compassion. This is your Catholic News.